New York Prom Hummer Limo Rentals

New York Party Rides Prom Hummer Limo

New York Party Rides is committed to providing our Graduating Class of 2011 with world-class service in luxury Hummer Limousine transportation to your prom.  We believe that your experience with us should be a enjoyable, safe, and outstanding. We demand nothing but the best for our young prom customers. Our dedication and specialized services will make your prom extra special and provide you with safe, dependable transportation in style.

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals New York City

NY Party Rides is New York’s #1 resource for all your prom transportation needs. Our quality services, new vehicles, and dependability set us apart from the competition.

We have the only Hummer H2 Limo that can accomodate up to 30 passengers. Our limousine fleet also includes stretch Hummer limousines of every size. Check out the detailed pictures of our limousine fleet.

Searching for the perfect limousine to roll up to prom in style? Then look no further. The Hummer Prom Limousine is the ultimate choice for luxury, style and convenience. The Hummer seats 30 passengers comfortably and is equipped with state of the art features. Amenities include satellite radio, super stereo sound, complimentary bar (fully stocked with non-alcoholic beverages), strobe lights and TV.

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals New York

This elegant limousine is at your service for a memorable experience and ride. We strive to provide the most exceptional prom limousine service. By choosing this limo, you are assuring that your entrance to prom won’t go unnoticed. You are guaranteed a memorable and pleasant experience.

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals NYC

We take safety and reliability seriously, and assure you the safety of your child. Prom night is a night you want your child to cherish and remember forever, and we are pleased to contribute to your special night. We service all of the NYC area; Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and The Whole Metro NY Area.

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals Bronx

Customer service is our number one priority at NY Party Rides. All of our certified chauffeurs are professionally trained and ready to make your event exceptional. We are attentive to your every need, always professional, safe and courteous.

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Prom Hummer Limo Rentals

Luxurious Hummer H2 Limousine

Hummer H2 Prom Limousine Service for New York, New York City, NYC, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. NY Party Rides is New York’s largest Limousine Fleet for Hummer Limousines, providing our clients the most luxurious limousine Hummer Limousines, in Long Island, NY Metro Area.

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals Queens

Our NY Hummer H2 Prom Limos are fully customized with: neon, fiber obitc, or LED Lighting, Disco Flooring, strobe lights, party lights, and a fully stocked bar (fully stocked with non-alcoholic beverages). NY Party Rides ’s Limousine Service is dedicated to your Prom passengers receive a royal treatment and the very best Limousine experience with a NY Party Ride. You can rest assure the NY Party Rides Prom Hummer m Limousine Rental Service is always on-time and never late for your Prom. Our Prom Hummer Limos are always prestigious and clean.

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals Brooklyn

Every Prom Hummer Limousine goes under inspection to make sure our vehicles excellent condition to make sure the safety of our passengers. Call now to reserve your NY Prom Hummer Limousine with NY Party Rides today. Telephone (516) 784-8624

NY Prom Hummer Limo Service

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals- New York

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals-NYC

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals New York City

NY Prom Hummer Limo Service

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals Affordable Rates

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Prom Hummer limo Rentals

Bask in the elegance of your own personal Hummer limo from Limousine Service. Our limo service extends to all of New York  and Long Island  including Manhattan, Rockville Center, Deer Park, Upper East Side, Tribeca, and Bronx. When size, style, and the most modern amenities are important, our Hummer limos are the clear winners. We even guarantee that our prices match or beat any comparable Hummer limo rental rates in the greater New York area.

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Before You Go To Prom

Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights on the teen calendar. Filled with great expectations and grand designs prom very often ends up being more of a let down than a high point. How can you keep your prom night memories from becoming nightmares? We have some important prom saving tips for teens.

Go it alone, in a group or on a date?

The most common reason people have bad prom experiences is due to the company they choose to keep on prom night. While the romance of prom may make it seem like a night for couples, this is not always the best scenario, nor does going as part of a group guarantee a good time. Be smart about who you go with. Volatile relationships, quasi-friendships and dying romances have no place at prom.

Stick to a budget

Proms are expensive. By the time you have paid for tickets, bought an outfit and arranged transportation you are easily at the hundred dollar mark. Want to pull off a painless and money saving prom night? Try borrowing an outfit from an older friend or parent, going in on a limo with a group and going dutch treat on the tickets. Prom doesn’t have to be an investment in order to be fun!

Play it straight.

Peer pressure and pop culture have many teens believing that prom night and alcohol go hand-in-hand. This is not reality. Most proms are in fact “dry” proms and the best memories are made while sober. Afterall, who wants to spend prom night hanging over a toilet or slepping it off in a corner? Want to guarantee the best prom memories possible? Play it smart and stay straight.

Don't lose it in the romance.

It is very easy for both girls and guys to get caught up in the romantic whirlwind of prom and think that sex would be an amazing addition to the evening. This is just not realistic. The pressure to have sex on prom night is great but nothing will ruin your prom memories faster than a hasty sexual encounter. Prom night romance and sex are not a package deal – prom is more than a three letter word.


To provide NY Hummer Prom  Limousines In NYC – Prom Hummer  Limo Rents NYC, limo, limousines and Party Bus at affordable rates. High School Prom New York Limo Rental- We want to give you and your family the best limousine service for your Senior Dance  day and After Prom Plans.


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Special occasions are special for a reason, and they deserve the very best. That is why NY Party Rides Limousine Service offers packages for our Hummer limos, standard limos, and party bus rentals.


  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • Long Island
  • Staten Island

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals

Hummer Limos – Modern Take on Style

At NY Hummer Limousine Service, we offer more than simply a Hummer limousine—we offer an unforgettable experience. An H2 Hummer limo is a great way to celebrate birthdays, marriages, proms, graduations, quinceaneras, and nights out on the town. With room for more than a handful of your closest friends and family, each Hummer limo rental comes fully equipped with LCD TVs, a high-quality stereo system, and a bar that’s just begging to be used.


Party Buses- 10 to pick from
Jet Doors Limo - 9 to pick from
Stretch Limousine - 8 to pick from
Sedans - 5 to pick from

Prom Limos & Party Buses

On one of the biggest nights of your life, you need the best possible ride. Here’s your chance to check out one of the best rental fleets in New York City and reserve your limo or chic sedan for you and your date!
Prom Hummer Limo Rentals
Our 20 passenger Hummer Stretch limousine offers only the highest quality in a luxury SUV limousine. Offering the most elegant and sophisticated décor, the Hummer H2 offers the most top notch amenities for your party experience. Equipped with decorative lighting, AM/FM/DVD/CD Player,  flat screen TV’s, dual rear A/C, sparkling style partition, wood flooring, strobe lights, large ice cooler, and accessible rear controls you can’t go wrong-Prom Hummer Limo Rentals
With the Hummer Prom NY Limo  you will surely be riding around in the lap of luxury and you cannot go wrong with this luxury stretch SUV- Prom Hummer Limo Rentals


Range Rover (18 passengers)

The 16 passenger Land Rover is a premium luxury vehicle perfect for any occasion.   Proms, weddings, bachelor parties, you name it.  The Range Rover comes equipped with decorative lighting, AM/FM Stereos, CD and DVD Players, an X Box 360′, 4 flat retractable TVs, Color changing floor and ceiling, large ice coolers, and accessible rear controls to name a few.  Offering the best in style class, with only state of the art equipment, you can’t go wrong with the 18 passenger Range Rover Stretch SUV.

Porsche Cayenne (16 passengers)

The Porsche Cayenne is one of our most popular stretch limousines for all occasions.  Its top of the line amenities include a state of the art sound system, LED lighting, Flat Screen TV’s, DVD Players, AM/FM Stereos, dual rear A/C’s, ice coolers and a decorative décor which surely provides premium sophistication and class for any occasion.  Fitting up to 16 people, the Porsche Cayenne is a one of a kind luxury vehicle.  Known for its sheer elegance, you cannot go wrong with the Porsche Cayenne Stretch SUV.
 Whether you are traveling to weddings, birthdays, prom, sporting events, the opera, dinner, or the airport, or just enjoying a night on the town, the Porsche Cayenne Stretch Limousine will provide the supreme elegance necessary to make the experience one to remember.

Party Bus (35 passengers)

Some of the most memorable times that you’ll have in your life will be in the company of friends. Instead of having to go through the trouble of having all your friends follow each other on the way to a big event, why not have everyone hop into one giant party bus that fits up to 35 passengers? The parties on wheels when it comes to New York Limos, and our 35 passenger party bus features plasma TVs, state of the art audio entertainment, fiber optic lighting and most importantly, a bar! When it comes to our competitors, we’ll match anyone’s prices. New York Limos Prom Rentals are guaranteed to give you the time of your life on this party bus! -

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals

With our professional chauffeurs and an exclusive fleet of 8 and 40 passenger limousines, our prom limo service will ensure that you and your party arrive at your prom comfortably and stress-free. You may also utilize our diverse fleet of vehicles that include luxury sedans, SUVs, minivans and full-size vans to accommodate any last-minute prom  arrangements, such as family pickups and shopping errands. Should you have a large party, we can provide a spacious Hummer limo rental.

Prom Hummer Limo Rentals

For those extra-large wedding limo needs, our 18-passenger prom Hummer limo rentals, our 20-passenger Cadillac Escalade, and the Yukon are great for catering to a bigger crowd. Additionally, we offer a 14-passenger van.

Safety is our goal for prom hummer limo rentals . Our vehicles are new, clean and well-maintained and are always staffed by a trained, responsible chauffeur.

Call 718.683.1635 FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Our Mission- Prom Hummer Limo Rentals

NY Party Rides is one of New York City  Limo & Party Bus Provider who will work with your budget to make your event the best. Our staff are ready to answer all of your question and concerns. With over 20 Limousine, we made a name for our self in New York when it comes to car rental and transportation.

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